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Lowrance Lundell Lofgren Legal Elite 2019

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

We are pleased to announce that John Lowrance, Rick Lundell, and Brian Lofgren were chosen by their legal peers as "2019 Utah Legal Elite" by Utah Business magazine. Both John and Rick received the award for their work in personal injury law. Brian was recognized for his work in immigration law. All three have received this recognition multiple times. We are proud of their work as they continue to lead their fields.

According to Utah Business:

“Legal Elite honorees are selected by their peers in a statewide balloting process.  Members of the Utah Bar were invited to participate by submitting a ballot of Utah Lawyers they hold in the highest regard–lawyers they have observed firsthand and would recommend to others.  Nominators were allowed to cast only one ballot and could not vote for themselves.”

A complete list of 2019 Utah Legal Elite recipients can be seen here:

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