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Administration Moves to Ease Rules for Truckers

The Department of Transportation is moving to relax federal regulations governing truck drivers using commercial motor vehicles (CMV) on our roadways. As the rules currently stand, truck drivers are monitored and required to stop once they hit 11 hours of work within a 24-hour period. Many truck drivers are paid by the mile, and not by the hour for their actual time worked. This can create an incentive to speed (to make up time for traffic and loading) to cram miles into the allotted 11 hours and often forces truck drivers to stop in unsafe locations. Truckers are also required to take mandatory breaks at certain intervals, regardless of whether or not they need to rest, which can cause them to drive drowsily later, with their breaks already used up. The new rules seek to eliminate these restrictions and grant truckers more flexibility.

Now is the time to have your voice heard requiring all CMV’s (not just newer CMV’s) to have and use speed limiters, requiring all CMV’s to have and use front collision avoidance technology, and requiring drivers to be paid for their time, not by the mile, just like all other workers, and remove the incentive to speed to cram miles into the safe driving time limits. Keep America safe. Click the link to read more:

Semi truck rules lawyer

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